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I just got my keys, what's next?


Many of new home owners are anxious and will definitely want to know what to do. Friends, relatives and parents are those who went through it and will provide lots of details on what to, and not to do. What matters most, how much budget would you set aside for the whole reno, including things like appliances and such?


A typical budget cost for a 4-room flat would roughly be:

- $10k for reno (including kitchen bottom cabinet, clothing cabinet for all rooms and laminate flooring for all rooms)

- $1k for home appliances (fridge, washing machine)

- $500 for lightings

- $1k for a good dining table with chairs


While the above is the most decent budget, some may even get a lower total cost as compared to what we have stated. If you want even better quality products, you may wish to top up more.


After setting aside the budget, next is to find a good contractor. A contractor typically cost lower to engage as they don't focus on designing your house. Just tell them what you want to do and they will just do that part.


Lights, curtains, reno or painting? Though there's no strict rules stating which should come first, we always believe curtain should be the last to enter as they are mostly fabrics and would be the last to enter the house. Lights should enter typically once most of the reno work and pre-painting of walls/ceiling are done.

What can affect the way light is presented?


Position: would it be in the centre? or at the side?


Height: the higher the ceiling, the more light output require.


Quantity: more smaller lights means more power consumption, but at the same time allows a better light distribution than one big light.


Color: the more darker the interior is, the more light is needed.


Objects: Too much clutter of furnitures, cabinets will require more lights.

Buying lights!

How bright would I want my rooms to be?


Below is the table for a typical area, not a standard guide, on how much light is required. Everyone have a different brightness needs.

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