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Q) Are the prices for the items inclusive of installation?

A) We do not bundle in installation charges to our items as this fee is charged by the electrician unless otherwise stated. Some of the promotional items are bundled with free installation. You may take a look at those offers.


Q) Why is it that I saw some fan online pricing cheaper than yours?

A) Most probably they are selling fans from unknown source (Malaysia/PRC etc), which could endanger the life of your family. Do note that fans / electrical appliances must be tested before they can be sold in Singapore. Brand and model itself can be misleading as some sellers have been known to remove certain parts from the original fan just so that they can lower the price down. They also doesn't have a store/shop for you to check whether their products are authentic. Ultimately, the choice is yours whether you want to save those few bucks but have more worries or to go for established shop like ours. Our prices are guaranteed to be reasonable and affordable for all consumers. Click on the link below to find out more on what you're buying.


Q) I want my items to be installed. How do I go about it?

A) You may call us before you make the purchases and we will explain to you about the charges. Typically the price starts from $35 (subject to the type of installation required). Hanging lights and ceiling fans requires skills and thus would cost much higher. Click here for more informations!


Q) Is it a must to engage the electrician provided by you or I can find any electrician to do the installations?

A) It is not a must to engage the electrician provided by us as you might find a cheaper alternative elsewhere. But it is recommended to engage one that we provide as they have been working closely with us for many years. Sophisticated lights (especially LED) and ceiling fan requires highly trained personnel(s) to conduct the installation. I’ve cases where the customer engaged an electrician with no experience, to install the fan, end up he paid additional money to the agent due to installation fault.


Q) What are the requirements if I want to install ceiling fan in my unit?

A) Ceiling must be concrete, with existing wire point & ceiling height between 2.6m to 2.8m. There must also be an allowance of at least 2 feet (measured after the end of the blade) to ensure wind assurance. If the existing wire point is too far away from the point where the fan is to be installed, additional charges will be applicable. Installing ceiling fan on false ceiling requires additional charges. Please do highlight to us and we will try our best in whichever ways to assist you.


Q) Will the ceiling fan drop from the ceiling?

A) As long as the ceiling fan is purchased from us, we can assure you that they are all approved by Singapore Spring, thus having the SAFETY Mark logo. Ultimately, it's the electrician who do the installation, will ensure the fan being secured up in the ceiling. We strongly discourage buying electrical items from other countries, especially ceiling fan that doesn't have the SAFETY Mark, approved by Spring Singapore. Safety is in your own hands!


Q) What are the modes of travelling if I were to go over to your store / showroom?

A) Click here for information.


Q) Do you provide any warranty?

A) Yes. Ceiling fan warranty will be provided by Singapore Fan Agent unless otherwise stated. Warranty covered for lights are all carry-in only. Do feel free to give us a call if you found your goods to be faulty and we will be glad to guide you along, rectifying the problem. For more information, you may read up our company terms and conditions.


Q) Am I entitled to free delivery?

A) Free delivery to be determined, otherwise a delivery fee of $15 to $30 will be charged. You may choose to self-collect the items over at our showroom (520 Sims Ave, #01-01). 


Q) What are the dates and time available for delivery?

A) Our delivery days and time are from Monday to Friday, 2pm to 5pm, 2 to 3 locations daily. If however you prefer a date and time other than our normal delivery timing, you may wish to pay for the delivery (even if we provide them free for you) as we will engage an external party to do the delivery. Charges will depends on the courier services engaged. 


Q) Some of the items are out of stocks, when will the next batch arrive?

A) Do give us a call and we will be glad to let you know. Normally the items that are out of stock doesn’t necessarily means that we can’t get it for you. Please forgive us if the website is not up to date as it is being managed by a third party. By all means, provide the details if you saw it on the website and let us know before arranging to come and view it. 


Q) When will you be delivering the items to us / self-collect, after purchases had been made?

A) Once your items have been packed up, it will be ready for delivery / self-collection. This whole process takes up to a 1 week or unless specified. We will give you a call once payment had been received and goods are packed to confirm the date of delivery / self-collection.

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