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Commercial / Outdoor Lighting

Star Tech

Lifetime: up to 40,000 hours IP Rating: IP65 Color Temperature: 6500K Beam Angle: 100 Cover: Tempered glass Body Material: Die Cast Aluminum ---------- Watts: 60W Luminous Flux: 5400lm Size: D240 x H75mm Weight: 1.3Kg ---------- Watts: 100W Luminous Flux: 9000lm Size: D300 x H75mm Weight: 1.9Kg ---------- Watts: 150W Luminous Flux: 13500lm Size: D350 x H85mm Weight: 3.1Kg ---------- Watts: 200W Luminous Flux: 18000lm Size: D390 x H90mm Weight: 3.9Kg

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