We are one of the top ceiling fan seller in Singapore, carrying quality fans brands available. Seek our opinion when buying a ceiling fan and we will be glad to offer you the best service available!


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Along with fantastic fans model, we carry branded lightings, be it fluorescent or LED! Osram, Philips, Cree, GE are some of these brand.

What kind of light should i choose?

Daylight - Bright light for study and work


Cool White - Comfortable light for happy family bonding


Warm White - Relaxing light that set up the mood for sleep and romance

What's so good about ceiling fan?

  • It lowers down room temperature of up to four degrees or more.

  • you save more money when you go for ceiling fan instead of air-con.

  • Having a ceiling fan with a light attached below, allows you to save cost as compare to those who have standing/wall fan and ceiling light fixture in the area.

  • The air-flow / circulation of ceiling fan surpass those of standing as well as wall fan.

  • A good quality fan can be use for at least 6 years while a decent one can last you for at least 4 years. Proper care and maintenance extend its lifespan for at least another 2 more years. Its a long term asset for your home. 

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