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16W Osram LED 170S

16W Osram LED 170S

- Brighter illumination, thus require lesser downlights. 
- Lesser quantity, lesser purchase.
- Lesser quantity, less wiring points required, thus you save on electrical installation cost.
- High CRI
- High Power factor
- 3-paragraph control (Dimming ability), you save more when you dimmed it down.
- Easy to maintain (simple pull and push)
- Doesnt have spring-clips which is traditionally found in all the cheap LED downlights.
- Safety hook to protect your downlight from dropping.
- When the downlight is spoiled, you can remove it yourself, without the need to engage an electrician. Electricians are hard to find nowadays, or otherwise, they are costly to engage.
- Anti-electronic interference
- You won't hurt yourself when you remove the light down (unlike clip-types downlight)
- Armed with superb heat sink (reason why the LED is longer lasting)
- Protects false ceiling,
- Value for money!
- Cost effective!
- Driver comes along with SAFETY MARK!
  • Details

    LED Chips: 5630 OSRAM
    LED Chips life time:50,000 - 80,000 hrs
    Driver life time: 12,000 hrs
    Power factor: 0.945
    Light fades: not beyond 8%
    Mechanical Material: Aluminium
    Cover: Acrylic diffuser
    Hole-cutting: 130 x 130mm
    Height: 54mm
    Lumens: 1210.89 lm
    Power: 16.22W
    Voltage: 220V
    Current: 0.077A
    Central Intensity: 509.177cd
    Beam Angle (10%): LEFT -77.7 Right 77.1
    Angle of maximum intensity: C:135.0 G:3.0
    Up Flux Rate: 0.0%
    Down Flux Rate: 100%
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