Advantages of my Osram LED downlight!


- Brighter illumination, thus require lesser downlights.

- Lesser quantity, lesser purchase.

- Lesser quantity, less wiring points required, thus you save on electrical installation cost.

- High CRI, >85

- High Power factor, >0.9

- 3-paragraph control (Dimming ability), you save more when you dimmed it down.

- Easy to maintain (simple pull and push)

- Doesnt have spring-clips which is traditionally found in all the cheap LED downlights.

- Safety hook to protect your downlight from dropping.

- When the downlight is spoiled, you can remove it yourself, without the need to engage an electrician. Electricians are hard to find nowadays, or otherwise, they are costly to engage.

- Anti-electronic interference

- You won't hurt yourself when you remove the light down (unlike clip-types downlight)

- Armed with superb heat sink (reason why the LED is longer lasting)

- Protects false ceiling,

- Value for money!

- Cost effective!

- Driver comes along with SAFETY MARK*!

Specs which you might be interested

Osram LED downlight


Latest innovative downlight that gives you a sense of pride after installing it. Unlike those cheap LED where you find in the market, this is by far the best option as not only the quality is far more superior, even the brightness (lumen) and its CRI is higher and better. They come in several options: 



- Square

- Round



- Glass frame

- Normal frame

- Frost frame


Color Temperature:

- 2700K (warm white)

- 4100K (cool white)

- 6000K (daylight)

- RGB options available too!



10W Square (100mm)

10W Round (90mm)

16W Square (140mm)

16W Round (130mm)


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